Gyrotonic sessions are designed to take the body beyond it's current limitations...




by using specially designed equipment. The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® helps open the joints, supporting and enhancing the body’s freedom of movement including decompression of the spine. 


These supported movements, coupled with individualized “hands on” direction, are fluid and three dimensional allowing muscles and joints to find an organic subtle strength. The system utilizes mild resistance using weights and pulleys to strengthen joints where most injuries occur. 


People come out of a Gyrotonic session with increased freedom of movement, greater core strength, relief from lower back pain and more agility. Athletes improve performance. Rehabilitation clients recover more quickly post injury. Everyone improves their overall health and fitness.



Private Per session $70

5 Session Package $325

3 Session Introductory Package $180 (recommended)

Semi-Private: $40 per person

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 Have time while we're in shelter in place mode. Curious to know more about the Gyrotonic method?  Call, text or email to schedule your FREE virtual demonstration today.   Qualify for REDUCED PRICING if you schedule your demo by end of July.



GYROKINESIS®  exercise was the foundation of the GYROTONIC© method. Classes use stools and mats and one’s own body weight.  There is nothing like this method.  The spiraling whole-body movements coordinate breath and mental focus.It can be adapted to fit anyone’s ability. 

These movements create space throughout the spine and joints. They sculpt the body, develop overall strength and flexibility, enhance coordination, improve stamina increasing range of motion,  and creating functional strength.



Limited space, price TBD



How is GYROTONIC® Exercise different from:

Yoga? - yoga poses stretch and extend muscles, then remain static to deepen the stretch. GYROTONIC® moves through the pose using three dimensional, spiraling movements. Like swimming without the water.

Pilates?  Both Pilates and Gyrotonic activate deep muscles. But Pilates uses 90° movements and exercises one muscle group at a time. Whereas Gyrotonic movements are circular and spiraling, and are all initiated from the core connecting muscles and using the whole body.



My gyrotonic sessions are remarkable. If I come to the studio frazzled with competing priorities, I leave centered, calm and energized. Ann 

I was a convert to Gyrotonic after the experience of full body flow, great feeling of euphoria with refreshed mind and body.  Clara

My first day back after a five week break, and it really makes a difference to be showing up here regularly. Glad to be making sure I can use my body to its maximum potential. Dan

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